Biofeedback Therapy

Biofeedback Sessions

1 Hour Sessions 1 ½ Hour Sessions
Children/Seniors $50.00 $60.00
Regular $ 70.00 $80.00

Package of 3 Sessions

1 Hour Sessions 1 ½ Hour Sessions
Children/Seniors $135 ($45/session) $150 ($50/session)
Regular $195 ($64/session) $210 ($70/session)

Children – 12 and under
Seniors – 65 and older

Biofeedback is a process for teaching clients to relax in order to manage their stress and re-educate their muscles to manage pain.  It is a non-invasive technology that energetically scans your body for stress reactions, much like a program scans your computer for viruses.  It works to harmonize these reactions and imbalances.  This method of stress reduction allows your body to work towards a state of optimal self-healing.

What can Biofeedback Training Help With?

  • Headaches, Migraines, Insomnia, Chronic pain
  • Chronic immune weakness
  • Performance and muscle/joint recovery for everyone including athletes
  • Improve general feeling of “well-being”, happiness, confidence
  • Improve focus, memory, concentration, oxygenation
  • Reduce anxiety/anger/depression
  • Wound healing, skin concerns

What can you expect from Biofeedback Training?
As our bodies are bombarded with stressors of every kind, from every angle, we can not help but feel phenomenal results from stress reduction. Everybody is unique, as are our reactions to specific stressors. These differences mean that everyone will react slightly differently to stress reduction. Following biofeedback, we may feel less stressed, happier, more at peace. We may feel like we have more energy and a greater ability to deal with the basic day-to-day issues. As the body requires less time to deal with external stressors and more time to focus on itself, some may see an improvement in their general wellness. Some may sleep better at night and wake more rested. Some may see an improvement in pain levels. Each reaction will be as unique as we, ourselves, are.

Why do YOU need Biofeedback Training?
We are all surrounded by stressors, from the time we wake until well into our dreaming/sleeping states. These stressors, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, affect our health, thoughts, moods and appearance. Stress reduction and relaxation allows us to rebalance which permits us to feel better within our own bodies and minds.

Biofeedback Training is now being offered for horses!  Using the same techniques, horses can be scanned and trained to rebalance, reduce stress and retrain muscles to facilitate faster recovery periods.  Horses are amazingly receptive – they respond faster than humans and begin to relax almost immediately!

  • Sessions are done at your facility although a heated barn/shed with electrical access is a must.
  • Equine sessions are $80/session
  • The initial session is 1 – 1 ½ hours and each subsequent session is about 1 hour.

Partnered Services

Julie Parsonage, owner of Horses in Harmony, is a Graduate of The Vluggen Institute of Equine Osteopathy & Education – EDO.  Horses in Harmony provides horses and riders with alternative therapies and other horse-related services. As a Licensed Practitioner of Equine Osteopathy EDO, a treatment focuses on treating the whole horse – body, mind & spirit. A treatment session may include spinal & joint mobility, cranial sacral therapy, soft tissue release, specialized kinesiology, acupressure and/or stretching exercises.

Kelly & Julie have recently partnered and combine over 30 years of knowledge & experience in the human and equine worlds to bring you astounding results for your horses. Please contact Julie or Kelly for more information on the Biofeedback/Osteopathy sessions for your horses.

Julie Parsonage
info@horsesinharmony.ca or call 403-807-1941