Alternative Health Supplements

K. R. A. Wellness Ltd. is a distributor of MAX International health and nutritional supplements.

MaxGXL – helping with recovery
MAX GXL is a nutritional product that allows the body to produce, more efficiently, the natural anti-oxidant, Glutathione. MAX GXL deals with inflammation (swelling) on a cellular level, so that recovery can start from the inside out. (MAX GXL will not treat or cure and is not a diagnostic tool.) MAX GXL will allow your body to function at a more efficient rate and may provide you with a feeling of greater energy. It may boost your immune system, reduce hair loss, improve mental acuity, reduce pain, improve muscle/joint recovery and provide a greater sense of well being.

Max N-Fuze – nutrient booster
MAX N-Fuze is a nutritional supplement, using nano technology to ensure that cells receive the nutrients required to perform more efficiently. MAX N-Fuze provides vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients in an easy-to-swallow liquid. One pouch daily offers an amazing cellular start to your day!

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