CHI Machine

K. R. A. Wellness Ltd. is a distributor for wonderfully simple and portable machines. These machines utilize a gentle, non-invasive means of dealing with low energy levels, low immune systems, fatigue, chronic pain and a general lack of wellbeing by temporarily improving circulation, oxygenation and relaxation.

K. R. A. Wellness Ltd. offers sessions on these machines as well as offering machines for rental purposes – try them in the comfort of your own home.

CHI Machine
Imagine a fully supported, no pressure machine that facilitates body movement. This movement, in turn, has the ability to temporarily improve oxygenation, circulation, and energy, as well as offering an amazing whole body massage. Welcome to the CHI machine!
Hot House Lights
Imagine a warming light that generates far infra red rays at beneficial frequencies. This glorious warmth can gently elevate your body temperature to allow for a temporary increase in blood flow and a temporary decrease in muscle spasms. Imagine increased relaxation and a reduced level of stress. Welcome to the HOTHO– USE Lights!
Imagine being able to use the reflexology points in your feet to ease fatigue, stress, muscle tension and pain. Imagine being able to use this same machine to stimulate circulation and manage pain by applying small pads to other areas of the body. Welcome to the versatile ERE!
Imagine rebalancing, revitalizing and reducing stress. Imagine being able to improve nutritional absorption and waste removal at a cellular level. Now imagine this same machine working on body beautification, facial toning and relaxation. Welcome to the E-Power!